Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Truck paint

Outside of Payson, AZ 2006.

Old 50's Chevy on what seemed to be an abandoned junk car lot. Turned out I thought I was in "The Hills Have Eyes 3" Had to act like I was tough, but also a little lost.

Jesus is just alright...Oh Yeah!

Jesus paraphernalia found in Coolidge-ish, AZ. 2006.

Didn't keep anything here. Thought it may be in bad taste, or bad luck.
I should go back for that little angel sculpture though.


From an abandoned house Chandler/Gilbert-ish, AZ.

Pinhole created from fishing reel cover found on site, which fit around the lens perfectly. I kept that little wonder, along with a bunch of old drawer knobs, how random.

Bees seem to be a pretty constant variable in my rural explorations. It seems when the humans leave, windows get broken and doors get left open. Bees find abandoned houses great places to set up shop. Birds also love the free rent. I always have to be careful not to piss them off, which usually works since they are pretty focused on just doing what they do. I think since bees are used so much in rural settings for agriculture, the concentration must be higher out there.

Collected: Jug of mystery sauce, bottle

Collected from an abandoned shed near Casa Grande, AZ

Had to keep these. They're too damn pretty.

AZ, Glass insulators

Pile of old glass insulators on an abandoned property way west of Phoenix, AZ. 2006.

Pile was about
6' x 25' x 3'. So I took a few. This guy collected everything: insulators, meteors, rocks, minerals, much more to come on this place.


This is a collection photos of found objects collected, and photos of found objects left for someone else to collect, along with a little history behind finding it. Hope you enjoy.